#SkinesqueMen - Eddie P.

#SkinesqueMen - Eddie P.

At Skinesque, we believe that skincare has no limits. Our founder, Susie, grew up watching her mother and grandmother diligently practice skincare. Now, she is passing on the importance of skincare to her kids, Juliet and Ethan.

Juliet and Ethan are still young, so skincare right now really just means making funny faces with sheet masks on; but still, protecting the largest organism on your body and making sure it is healthy is an important message for everyone.

While most skincare products were conventionally advertised to or made for young women and teenagers, we wanted to normalize the importance of skincare for men.

The Man Bundle was created to highlight the two most essential products that are easy to incorporate into any routine. Inside you will find the Enzyme Cleansing Powder, our hero product, and the beloved Moisture-Lock Cream.  Healthy-looking skin had never been easier to achieve with the help of our no-stress skincare.

In this interview with Eddie Park, the founder and creative director of Orangewood, a kick-ass guitar brand, we talk about his skincare regimen. We definitely got pizza delivered after this call.

Eddie has been a Skinesque customer for over 3 years. His interview is below.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

"I was born in South Korea but moved to Orange County when I was 14. Growing up in Southern California, not yet knowing English, I connected with new friends through music and naturally became very passionate about playing guitar and piano. Now, I live in Los Angeles with my wife who can tolerate my loud guitar playing for hours. I have a pretty obsessive personality, and it's safe to say that I am obsessed with ramen or pizza - especially after midnight."

What do you do for work?

"I am the Founder & Creative Director of Orangewood, a direct-to-consumer guitar brand."

Something you're passionate about?

"To continue to share the gift of music to empower the next generation of artists. I truly believe that music is a universal language that can inspire and bring people together."

Walk us through your skincare routine?

"I am a lowkey germaphobe and enjoy the feeling of being clean. When it comes to grooming, I keep things easy and simple - sticking to the basics. I wash my face with Skinesque's cleansing powder and put on the Kiehl's facial fuel moisturizer."

What's your essential Skinesque product?

"Enzyme Cleansing Powder. LOVE taking it everywhere - it's incredibly travel-friendly since it's a non-liquid product. I've been using it for years since the launch of the brand. Big fan. Really appreciate how clean the product is."