About Us


Our Products 

Our innovative products are sourced out of a relationship with esteemed laboratories in Korea. They're carefully crafted to provide clinically-proven results for all skin types. Ingredients like centella asiatica, green tea, and bamboo, are fused to develop top of the line products that properly cleanse, hydrate, and protect against environmental toxins.

Skinesque is dermatologist tested, cruelty free, and formulated without parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oil, and synthetic dyes.


A Note From Our Founder

I became passionate about Korean skincare while working as a corporate attorney in Asia.  I was inspired by the Korean woman's commitment to achieving beautiful skin and appreciation for taking care of oneself, despite busy schedules. 

After returning to California, I became pregnant with my first daughter and grew increasingly aware of the importance of ingredients used on the skin. And when I became a working mother of two and time more precious, I began to search for products that could deliver extra care to my skin in an effective but convenient manner.

My search turned my passion for Asian skincare into a project with three key commitments: (1) gentle formulations, (2) made in Korea - recognized around the world for advanced and innovative skincare technology, and (3) designed for the real lives we live - busy, on-the-go, and in need of luxurious yet approachable refreshment for our skin.

The Skinesque line currently includes our Enzyme Washing Powder and 3-step Masks, with many more products in the development stages. And we are excited to have you along for this journey!

- Susie