#SkinesqueMen - Henry R.

#SkinesqueMen - Henry R.

With everything that our essential workers go through on a daily basis, picking up a simple skincare routine is more pertinent now than ever.
While we encourage lengthy and intentional self-care moments, we also understand that not everyone has the luxury of stepping into a 9-step regimen. Skinesque was created for this reason: To make Korean skincare approachable without the time-consuming, anxiety-inducing amount of instructions.
This is why essential workers like Henry Ra, an anesthesiologist from Southern California incorporates The Man Bundle into his daily regimen. It’s a no fuss two-step routine designed to cater to busy schedules.
Wash off the day’s dirt and stress with our Enzyme Cleansing Powder and retain your skin’s moisture barrier with the Moisture-Lock Cream (essential if you want healthy hydrated skin!) Say bye to that greasy feeling at the end of the day as well – especially if you're wearing a mask all day long.
Below is an interview with Henry Ra, a loyal Skinesque user for over 5 years.
Tell us a little bit about yourself

Husband and proud father of two wonderful children. I am a Southern California native who loves everything LA - the Rams, Dodgers, its beaches and mountains, and the melting pot of different cultures that make up our wonderful city. We love to travel as a family and experience the diversity of different people and places.

What do you do?

I'm an anesthesiologist. I practice in a regional medical center and care for patients of all ages, from young children to those in their late 90s. I enjoy the breadth of medicine my specialty provides and appreciate the trust patients place in me during what’s often a critical and anxiety-provoking time in their lives. 
What is your mission in life? 

To be a loving and supportive father, with the hopes my children grow up to be responsible and caring members of society who will one day make a positive impact in our community. 
Walk us through your skincare routine

I use all things Skinesque! I wash my face with the enzyme cleansing powder, followed by the moisture lock cream, and every evening, use the deep sleep overnight mask. The routine is simple and easy to follow, and keeps my face clean and well taken care of without any harsh or abrasive chemicals or burdensome routine.
A Skinesque product you can't live without

I love the Moisture Lock Cream! It noticeably keeps my skin moisturized and hydrated without feeling “heavy” or greasy on my face and hands. Prior to the Moisture Lock Cream, I’ve always had a hard time finding a daily moisturizer, as I didn’t like the residual thick, layered feeling that other creams left.

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