Founder's Regimen

Founder's Regimen

Right now, we have so much more time in the mornings as we no longer have to rush out of our home by 7:30 am to drop off the kiddos at school and head into our office. It's been nice to enjoy my mornings with the family - morning stretches with my daughter and an actual sit down breakfast.

-Susie, Founder


My AM Routine

First, I cleanse the skin using my Enzyme Cleaning Powder, then apply WUMU for 5 minutes and head downstairs and take my vitamins: Ritual Multivitamins, Sakara Probiotics & Liposomal Vitamin C.


My Makeup Routine

After applying our Moisture-Lock Cream, I slather on sunscreen without fail. I've pretty much stopped wearing all face makeup, but for Zoom calls, I put on Tower 28 creme blush on lids and cheeks and lips, in the color Magic Hour.