Skincare in College

Skincare in College
Hey all! 

It’s Elisa, intern here at Skinesque to share how I've learned about skincare after being with Skinesque for four months!  Since being at Skinesque and for the first time in my life, I've finally felt comfortable with the quality of my skin and don’t feel the need to put on a full face of makeup when I’m running out the door. 
Coming into my second year of college, I am realizing that there are only so many things you can prioritize within the chaos of each day. Self care, school, work, extracurriculars, family, friends - the list goes on. How does one do it all and remain stress-free?
In the midst of it all, I found that conquering one thing (like skincare) can actually help you feel much more accomplished. At least it does for me!

Don't get me wrong, as a 19-year-old college student, I’m all about getting that 20-30 extra minutes of sleep before class and sacrificing makeup for that day. But I know personally that I am only confident to do this if I have healthy and blemish free skin. I was able to achieve this confidence by paying attention to my skin and catering to its needs.

Before I started at Skinesque, I was only doing the bare minimum. Removed my makeup and washed my face all in one step (cringe). On the worst days, my skin was either too oily and thirsting for moisture or it was flaking from dryness. On its best days, my skin seemed calm from afar but at a closer look, my forehead was covered with these colorless, tiny bumps. These tiny bumps would never go away despite how often I washed my face - the most frustrating thing ever!

There are so many steps and products out there that can be incorporated one’s skincare routine. And after taking some time to educate myself on what my skin needs, I discovered the right steps and the right products for me that finally cleared these tiny bumps once and for all.

Today, I'm preaching to the college students on how to navigate through skincare on a drugstore budget. Here is the simple routine that saves my skin, time and confidence every day.

1. Double cleanse: Double cleansing - not redundant, very effective. There are so many different combos of double cleansing but the combo that does the job for me is  

Burt's Bees Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes  ($5)

Skinesque's Enzyme Washing Powder ($30 for 3-4 months)

2. Tone - Soothe, nourish, and hydrate with only a few swipes of a cotton round.

Simple's Kind Cleansing Water ($5)
followed by
Thayer's Witch Hazel ($10)

3. Moisturize - I was a firm believer that moisturizer would do nothing for oily skin. I didn’t want my skin to look more oily than it already did! But I found out I was so very wrong. Moisturizer was the very thing my oily skin needed.

Kiehl’s Avocado Eye Cream ($29)

Era Organics Tea Tree Oil Face Cream ($20)

Because it feels like I spent every night studying, it's fairly easy to find the time to mask! The material on the 3-Step Charcoal and 3-Step Aqua masks clings to my face, making it easy to study and mask at the same time. In the life college, this is what it means for me to multitask and mask!

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