What are cleansing powders?

What are cleansing powders?

These travel friendly cleansers will change your skincare routine. 


pouring water onto enzyme cleansing powder

Meet cleansing powders

Have you ever heard of a facial cleansing powder? This finely ground powder is used in skincare to gently exfoliate and cleanse the skin. It started trending in Korean and Japanese skincare products and has since expanded into different formulations, using distinct key ingredients to target different skin types. This product is customizable and soothes the skin, leaving it well exfoliated and feeling clean.



Why use cleansing powders

Cleansing powders are admired for their customizable formulations and consistencies Moreover, each individual can further customize the product by altering the consistency to the desired cleansing density. These cleansing powders are activated with water, and can range from a thick paste for a more intense exfoliation, to watery foam for a gentle cleanse. This makes the product perfect for those with sensitive skin. 

Enzyme Cleansing Powder covered in powder


Introducing Skinesque’s Enzyme Cleansing Powder

Enzyme Cleansing Powder is Skinesque’s HERO product and best seller. This AM and PM product is known for its gentle exfoliation to dissolve and remove dead skin cells without causing irritation and sensitivity. It reflects the full effects of the Papain enzyme, a key ingredient that is extracted from the papaya fruit. This cleansing powder contains high levels of antioxidants, Vitamin C, E, and Beta-carotene for healthy, bright and glowing skin. 

Skinesque’s powdered face wash is a unique 2-in-1 transformative cleanser that features papaya enzymes, revealing soft, radiant, and pH balanced skin. It is travel friendly for your convenience making it the perfect travel buddy to maintain that clear, glowing skin. As an added bonus, all Skinesque products are formulated for all skin types, free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates and synthetic dyes.



How to use

Pour a nickel sized amount of the Papaya Enzyme Cleansing Powder onto the palm of your hand and add water. For an intense exfoliation regime, add a few drops of water to form a thicker paste. And those with sensitive skin types, add more water to your papaya enzyme powder for a bubbly foam for a gentle cleanse. Gently massage the cleanser into your face and neck. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and pat dry. Apply your favorite moisturizer to finish your regime (Skinesque Moisture Lock Cream). This product can be used in the AM and PM. 

Enzyme Cleansing Powder resting on a papaya

Benefits of Skinesque Enzyme Cleansing Powder

Skinesque’s Papaya Enzyme Cleansing Powder is the perfect product to add into your daily routine. Take a look at Skinesque’s Cleansing Powder benefits! 

Papaya extract:

Used in skincare to soothe acne, support healthy skin aging and skin brightening. This natural ingredient also moisturizes the skin to promote healthy skin cell regeneration. 

AM and PM:

This enzyme powered face wash can be used daily, to gently remove dirt, oil and other toxic impurities. 

Travel friendly

Anywhere, anytime! It’s easy and convenient to use, whether you need a quick cleanse after a game, or while traveling, this product is your hero. 

Gentle exfoliation

The fine granular powder gently removes dead skin cells and polishes the face to reduce the appearance of oily skin. 


Skinesque’s ECP contains essential minerals and vitamins to replenish the skin and balance the pH. Vitamin C, E and Beta carotene are used to promote healthier, brighter and glowing skin. 



But don’t just take our word for it! Here are some reviews from satisfied customers.

“The best facial cleansing product ever” - verified buyer
“Awesome Skin Cleansing. Skinesque Enzyme Cleansing Powder is my new “go to” cleanser. My skin feels amazingly smooth with no irritation after usage. The rest of my skincare routine works much more effectively after use. Not much product is needed and lasts a long time. I will be back to purchase more in the future.” - verified buyer
“Best Facial enzyme soap for Travel.” - verified buyer

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