South Korea's Approach to Skincare

South Korea's Approach to Skincare

With its intentional approach and inventive formulations, it’s no surprise that Korean skincare has taken over the global market. In Korea, much like it is here, skincare is a form of self care and wellness. With a focus on long term prevention and protection, Korean skincare products place an emphasis on soothing, nourishing, and hydrating the skin with gentle products (hello Deep Sleep Overnight Mask). 

One of the many strategic components of Korean skincare is layering active ingredients for healthy and glowing skin. What started as a 10-step routine slowly reduced to a focus on staple, multifunctional products, but that doesn’t mean the effectiveness is lost. With Skinesque, you get the best of both worlds. We love skin minimalism while believing in effective, powerhouse ingredients. Our AM to PM skincare routine is simple, but packed with all the nutrients and hydration your skin needs.

Korean skincare is also known for its innovative ingredients and formulations, and Skinesque is no exception. Every single product is packed with natural goodness. Our moisturizer is filled with CICA, ceramides, macadamia seed oil, and eucalyptus and our Enzyme Cleansing Powder is powered by papaya enzymes that act as a cleanser or gentle exfoliator depending on how much water you add! 

Korean skincare is all about bringing nutrients and hydration back into the skin so you can naturally glow from within. That’s why all our products are packed with the best ingredients. We want to see you glow!

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