new and improved Brightening Charcoal Sheet Mask

new and improved Brightening Charcoal Sheet Mask

After months and months of planning and development, I’m so thrilled to launch our brand new Brightening Charcoal Sheet Mask. Our team has worked tirelessly to create and design a new product that houses the same results of our once sold-out sheet mask while incorporating a forward-thinking, innovative approach to Skinesque.

You may have noticed it right from the start: Our three-step formula has now reduced to one. To stay true to Skinesque’s values, we wanted to simplify the routine even more and purposefully reduce waste. This doesn’t mean you’re missing out on essence, though. In fact, our Brightening Charcoal Sheet Mask has an improved upon design so that you’re getting the same (if not more) amount of essence while further streamlining your routine.

If you’re in need of a cleanser, we highly recommend our travel-friendly Enzyme Cleansing Powder, packed with Vitamin C and gently exfoliating properties that pair perfectly with the Brightening Charcoal Sheet Mask.

From the get-go, Skinesque aimed to take the 10-step Korean skincare routine and make it simplified and approachable. Now that skin minimalism has entered the picture, we’re proud to say we’ve implemented this from the start.

We hope you love our Brightening Charcoal Sheet Mask as much as we do and appreciate you being here on this journey with us. Any feedback or review will continue to help us become better – we can’t wait to hear from you.



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