The Aqua Mask

The Aqua Mask
We all like to believe that we have our skincare routine figured out but come wintertime, the skincare game completely changes. My skin is no match to the polar weather that it endures every day. And just like that, my skin transforms from a bright-looking and hydrated complexion into one much duller and drier. While we cannot change the weather, we can change the way we handle it. And, here’s the ingredient you absolutely need to re-hydrate and repair your skin: cica. And, our 3-Step Aqua+ Super Fine Mask has plenty of it. 
What is cica?
Cica, short for its scientific name centella asiatica, is a leafy green herb that is a hydrating, healing, and anti-aging superstar when it comes to skincare. It has become one of the trendiest (and most effective) ingredients in Korean skincare products, but has been around for centuries. Legend has it that tigers in Asia used to heal their wounds by rubbing their skin against cica, and it can do some pretty transformative things for our skin as well. Cica is known to soothe and repair irritated skin and calm sensitive skin. But, the benefits do not stop there. Cica can also help improve the appearance of wrinkles and age spots. And, it has hydrating and anti-inflammatory benefits as well. Cica works best in products designed to be left on the skin (sheet masks) as benefits are less likely in rinse-off products. 
3-Step Aqua+ Super Fine Mask
Hydrate, repair, firm and soothe your skin with cica found in our Aqua mask. The Aqua+ Super Fine Mask's light texture seamlessly adheres to the face for effective absorption of cica and other key ingredients. 
Intensely hydrate dry skin with aloe vera
Promote collagen and reduce wrinkles with sodium hyaluronate.
Skin, weather, hormonal changes - all unpredictable. But there are always sheet masks to fall back on. And, our aqua sheet mask is one of the most reliable.